The man who shocked the World

David Bowie

On this day, one year ago, the terrible news, that David Bowie had died, reached me while I was driving my son, Carel, who has Down’s syndrome to school. In the car we always listen to Michael Jackson, “this time around”. My phone rang at least 10 times. I thought to myself: “I hope this doesn’t mean my father has unexpectedly died”. Anyway I could not answer the phone because of the stress it would give my son. So I continued my drive to school first.


After that I went to a gasstation to read the textmessage from my mother. She wrote David had died of cancer the previous night! As I am writing this, the feeling of devastation and sadness hits me hard and feels exactly the same as a year ago. I was completely in shock and was shaking and cried out “NO, NO, not David”. But I immediately knew it was true.
I turned on the radio and heard David’s music and people were talking about him to the radiohost. I really had to pull myself together to get to the office safely. When I arrived there I thought: “What am I doing here? I have to get home and turn on the telly.”

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